The ETHICS Foundation

The ETHICS Foundation (Educational Trust for Health Improvement through Cognitive Strategies) exists to address urgent and largely neglected needs in the field of mental health. Mental health promotion is the science that uses our own individual mechanisms to help us maintain our health and cope with life’s events and challenges.

Mental health promotion saves lives

ETHICS Initiative for Integration of Mental Health Promotion into Primary Care

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Established in 2003 by Marina, Lady Marks, the ETHICS Foundation has two guiding aims:

Firstly, to develop and rigorously test ways of helping individuals to reach and maintain good states of mental health.

Secondly, through an ambitious programme of international interventions to offer bespoke and culturally-sensitive training to promote good mental health.

The training offered by the ETHICS Foundation aims to build on its basis of internationally distinguished academic research to assist individuals across the globe to acquire these strategies for good mental health for themselves, increasingly in areas where poor socio-economic conditions mean that little or no local training in mental health promotion has previously been given.