ETHICS Current and Previous Chairmen

Current Chairman: Professor Rachel Jenkins

Previous Chairmen: Prof. Sir David Goldberg | Prof. Andre Tylee

Professor Rachel Jenkins

I am a national and international public health psychiatrist, with expertise in policy, research and training,

  • developing and implementing evidence based mental health policy and services.
  • Researching the evidence about public mental health (the context, risk factors, consequences, multi-sectoral response and outcomes)
  • Translating it into policy, education, training and practice for global mental health, including in the UK.

My career has spanned five main phases:

  • 2012-present Chair of Board of Trustees, ETHICS and Professor Emeritus, Kings College London
  • 1997-2012 Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre, Institute of Psychiatry, Kings College , London and Professor of Epidemiology and International Mental Health Policy .
  • 1987-1996 Principal Medical Officer , Department of Health , leading the medical mental health policy branch
  • 1982-87 Consultant and senior lecturer at the Maudsley and at St Bartholomew’s Hospital.
  • 1968-1981 Medical Training at Cambridge University (1968-71) and St George’s Hospital (1972-74), then as a psychiatrist and epidemiologist at the Maudsley Hospital and Institute of Psychiatry.

Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Research and Training for fifteen years 1997-2012, and latterly Professor Emeritus of Epidemiology and Mental health Policy 2012-present; where I have worked with international agencies as well as national governments to support the development and implementation of evidence based mental health policy in low and middle income countries, as well as in the UK and Europe.

I work innovatively with governments, training organisations, professionals, clients and their families to integrate mental health into primary care so that care can be delivered close to home with emphasis on dignity, human rights and quality outcomes

I teach widely across the globe, especially in Africa, Middle East and Pakistan, where I have trained trainers on mental health in primary care, as well as Masters students in Kings College London.

My research covers key public mental health topics of global and national significance, including risk factors for mental illness such as debt , bullying, child sexual abuse , and social inequalities ; diverse communities and populations in the UK (including ethnic minorities, people in prison, and war veterans and across the globe ; suicide prevention ; evaluation of primary care training ; and understanding client perspectives . My current research is on the relationship between malaria, immunity and mental disorders in Kenya.

Principal Medical Officer in the Department of Health for ten years 1987-1996, with responsibility for mental health of children, adults of working age and older people, people with physical, sensory and learning disabilities, ethics, bioethics in the NHS and the Inspectorate of Anatomy. In this senior policy and management role, I worked to strengthen the translational partnership between research, policy and implementation in mental health.

Achievements during this period include the overall prioritisation of mental health policy in the Health of the Nation strategy 1992 , the establishment of mental health research priorities for the Department of Health Chief Scientist , policy on mental health promotion and prevention , policy on integration of mental health into primary care and into occupational settings , the establishment of a national suicide prevention strategy which has been sustained and extended through successive governments , and the initiation of routine mental health outcome measurement in service settings .

The first phase of my working life as a qualified medical doctor 1975 -1987 included training as a psychiatrist and as an epidemiologist (1975-1982), and then working as honorary consultant at the Maudsley and Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Psychiatry (1983-84) and subsequently at St Bartholomew’s Hospital and Medical School (1985-1987), leading the service for liaison psychiatry, developing primary care of mental health in City and Hackney and training psychiatrists for Membership of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

During this phase, I developed my clinical, research, training and service development skills. My research during this period remains relevant and is still cited today, and included studies on gender differences in minor psychiatric morbidity , classification in primary care , the care of older people, mental health in primary care , and on mental health in occupational settings , demonstrating the contribution of mental illness and alcohol consumption to sickness absence and labour turnover; and a study of the threat of redundancy in Times Journalists.

Publications can be viewed on googlescholar and researchgate.

I have published over 300 peer reviewed articles, 80 chapters, 18 authored books , and 22 edited books. My H index is 66.