Online courses

What are their aims?

The ETHICS courses aim to disseminate best evidence and best practice in mental health care. They enable participants to refresh and extend their knowledge and skills, and to keep in touch with the latest developments in research and policy that underpin efforts to improve mental health care and promote positive mental health.

Who are they for?

The courses are designed for a wide variety of participants drawn from every sector of the general public, including but not limited to healthcare workers (both generic and specialist), professional mental healthcare workers, education sector workers, voluntary workers and caregivers, members of non-governmental organisations, the police and armed forces, civil servants, policy makers and public health and international development workers.

What subjects do they cover?

The courses address a number of common themes:

  • How to widen access to effective mental health care for people who live in low resource settings
  • How to promote wellbeing and positive mental health in the whole population as well as in potentially vulnerable individuals, groups, and populations
  • How to use and encourage evidence based interventions the effectiveness of which are supported by sound research findings
  • How to develop safe and effective practice skills and maintain these skills through clinical supervision
  • How to employ a flexible approach to implementation which takes into account local circumstances and needs

Courses offered or under development include:


How are they developed?

The courses are designed and evaluated by researchers and teachers from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. Course development is funded by awards from UK and International academic and charitable funding bodies. Initially, the courses are delivered on site to groups of recipients in low and middle income countries, their effectiveness undergoes systematic evaluation in these contexts, and the content and teaching methods are refined to ensure the courses are fit for purpose. Web based distance learning versions are then developed, both to support future on-site training and to enable individual participants to access the training on line.

How are they delivered?

We offer the following modes of delivery:

  • Face to face onsite delivery of the courses to groups of participants by members of the course faculty
  • Face to face onsite training for trainers who wish to deliver the courses as local, regional, or national initiatives
  • Web based distance learning courses for individuals or groups wishing to update their knowledge and skills by online study

How are they funded?

Onsite training is normally funded by grant awards from research and educational funding bodies, making it free at the point of use to participating organisations and individuals. To access this form of training your organisation needs to become a partner in one of our funded research projects.

Online training is sponsored by the ETHICS Educational Foundation, and is normally available free of charge to individuals and groups who meet ETHICS sponsorship criteria.